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Commercial & Strata Cleaning Contractor in Metropolitan Sydney

Commercial & Strata Cleaning Specialists in Metropolitan Sydney

There are cleaners and there are cleaners, but what do YOU look for in a cleaner? If you’re like most people in Sydney, you’re after experience, service, attention to detail, cleaners who take real pride in their work and always offer a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

With over 30 years’ experience as both commercial cleaners (specialising in property services & strata cleaning) and domestic cleaners, Aushine know exactly what you’re looking for, namely:

  • Real value for money (not necessarily the cheapest price)
  • Points on the board (cleaning companies with excellent references and proven capabilities)
  • Punctuality, yet with the flexibility to work around clients’ schedules.
  • Reliable service, day in day out, with no excuses. Ever.
  • Absolute attention to detail, be it factory cleaning or computer cleaning.
  • Total honesty, confidentiality and discretion.
  • Cleaners who respect your privacy, without fail.
  • Environmental awareness.
  • Cleaners who understand the vital importance of hygiene.
  • Cleaners who uphold the highest standards of health, safety and security.
  • Cleaners who offer a total service, from replenishing hand towels & soap to cleaning computers.
  • Cleaners who keep their promises.







10 Reasons Why Aushine Is Sydney’s Most ‘Polished’ Cleaner

There are many reasons why Aushine have been such successful cleaners over the past three decades.
Here are the top ten.

  1. We are led by hands-on Director Alex Palacios, who insists that his hand-picked team clean strata offices, strata buildings and houses as if they were their own.
  2. We employ only experienced, well-credentialed ‘squeaky clean’ cleaners who take immense pride in their work across the full range of property services.
  3. We offer competitive prices on commercial cleaning (including building cleaning and factory cleaning) and domestic cleaning without compromising quality.
  4. We are committed to a Total Quality Process, complete with a measured Quality Assurance Plan and personalised performance indicators. We are also an OH&S Certified company for whom the safety of our clients, staff and the environment is paramount.
  5. We work for an illustrious list of corporate clients including ANZ, CBC, National Bank, Bendigo Bank, Medicare, National Mutual, TNT, and Pacific Power.
  6. Our cleaners care about the environment by using only cleaning aids approved by health authorities. We also practice paper recycling and use eco-friendly pest control methods.
  7. We offer all cleaning services including environmentally-friendly steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, strata cleaning, industrial cleaning, and domestic cleaning.
  8. We are commercial cleaning specialists, taking care of offices, strata buildings, clubs, gyms, high rise building cleaning, schools, banks, medical centres and more.
  9. We are conveniently based in Carlingford and service all areas of Sydney.
  10. We are accredited with Knight Frank, Price Waterhouse and NSW Supply Services…and are fully insured for Public Liability and Workers Compensation.

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