Domestic Cleaning Services

Why Aushine Are Sydney’s Most Sparkling Domestic Cleaners

Although Aushine are better known in Sydney as commercial cleaners, we also excel at domestic cleaning. Life is definitely too short for house cleaning, so why waste your valuable time when our cleaners clean your home from top to bottom as if it were our own. Aushine are such thorough domestic cleaners, it’s like getting a spring clean every time we visit. We can operate on a one-off basis, such as after a huge party, or when you are expecting important visitors or when you’re moving house, however as a very in-demand Sydney cleaner, we would obviously prefer to provide you with a house cleaner on a regular contract basis. We don’t want to make a quick buck, we are in it for the long haul.

Secrets Of A Thoroughly Clean Home

Does your present domestic cleaner do all of the following, Aushine does. In fact we can offer everything from a comprehensive surface clean to a complete deep clean. We can even tailor design house cleaning based specifically around your requirements.

  1. We Clean:

    • Toilets (as well as disinfect)
    • Windows
    • Sinks & Taps
    • Vanities
    • Air vents
    • Under furniture
    • Appliance Exteriors (incl. behind fridges)
    • Inside ovens & microwaves
    • Cooktops
    • Splashbacks
    • Range hoods
    • Doors & Handles
    • Picture Frames
    • Computers

    We Spray Wipe:

    • All Surfaces and Walls (including Switches, Skirting Boards, etc)
    • Benchtops
    • Cabinet Doors

    We Dust:

    • Blinds
    • Wall Hangings
    • Ceilings
    • Light Fittings
    • Ceiling Fans
    • Walls
    • Sills
    • Ledges
    • Tops of Cupboards, Fridges, etc

    We Mop:

    • All Wooden and Tiled Floors

    We Vacuum:

    • Floors
    • Soft Furnishings
    • Carpets
    • Stairs
    • Under beds
    • Furniture

    We Scrub:

    • Bath tubs
    • Shower screens
    • Tiled walls & floors (including grout)

    We Polish:

    • All Furniture
    • Mirrors
    • Sinks

    Plus We:

    • Pick up
    • Tidy up
    • Remove Cobwebs
    • Remove Rubbish
    • Air Freshen & Deodorize
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