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Steam Cleaning

Everything You Need To Know About Steam Cleaning

Forget the old bucket and mop and the elbow grease. For a super clean and hygenic office or home, Aushine are the steam cleaning specialists. Steam cleaning uses a powerful vacuum system coupled with pure clean steam vapours heated to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit to penetrate deep into surfaces to lift dirt and grime and instantly kill germs and bacteria in seconds. Steam cleaning leaves all surfaces – especially your carpets – clean, dry, non-greasy and totally sanitised for your protection…all without harsh chemicals and without wasting water (between two and three litres per hour).

Steam cleaning quickly penetrates deep into corners, nooks and crannies, as well as hard-to-reach places like drains, fridge seals, vents and chequer plate floors (which makes it ideal for factory cleaning). It can even remove baked on grease from ovens and – a cleaner’s worse nightmare – chewing gum from carpet. To remove stubborn spot stains like red wine spills from carpets and ensure your carpets always look their best, Aushine use a 5-stage Steam Cleaning Process:

  1. Pre-spray a biodegradable cleaning solution
  2. Rotary agitate the carpet to loosen ground-in dirt
  3. Steam clean using the superior hot water extraction method
  4. Apply a low-residue fibre rinse
  5. Add the finishing touch – a top quality deodorizer

Who Needs Steam Cleaning And Why

A. Hospitals & Healthcare Centres

Chemicals and germicides are effective, however for a total sanitised clean more and more hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and aged care facilities are discovering that steam cleaning is proving invaluable in infection control.

B. Restaurants & The Hospitality Industry

We can assist both at front of house and back of house. If you serve food, you should definitely employ Aushine’s steam cleaning service. We can meticulously clean walls and floors (including grout), range hoods, ovens and fridge seals. We can also remove ice from freezer floors plus built up grease on floors and ceilings, and kill 99.9% of germs on stainless steel benchtops. We can also completely clean and sanitize bathrooms and restrooms, ensuring that sinks, taps, showers and toilets are all sparkling clean and smelling as fresh as a daisy. Additionally, our steam cleaning is guaranteed to kill 100% of bed bugs and their eggs.

C. Councils, Shopping Centres, Cinemas, Schools, etc.

In malls, halls and anywhere the public congregate, the most insidious problem of all is chewing gum. When dried, it can be extremely difficult to remove from footpaths, carpets and seats. However Aushine’s steam cleaning service can remove all troublesome gum and other built-in grime quickly and easily.

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